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Professional Tree Service
in Brantford, Port Dover, Norfolk County, Haldimand
and surrounding areas

Residential and Commercial Tree Care

Hazardous tree limbs or branches need to be removed?  Do you have a large tree that needs to be cut down?

Trees in need of pruning?  Do you want an unsightly tree stump gone?

Our trained, efficient Arborists can take care of your tree service needs.

Storm response and emergency tree services also available.

Let us help you maintain the beauty and safety of your trees and shrubs.

For your free tree assessment or estimate

Black Creek Tree Service is fully insured

with over 17 years experience

Tree Removal


There are many reasons for needing to have a tree taken down. This can be a difficult decision to make due to the many benefits they give us.

Trees give us protection from the elements, provide shade from the hot sun, give us privacy and provide food and shelter for our birds and wildlife. And simply put, they're beautiful.
Our professionally trained arborists have the knowledge to help you make this decision and we have the right equipment to take down your tree safely and efficiently.
Maybe you'd like to remove a non-native tree so you can replace it with an environmentally beneficial native tree.
Emergency tree removal services for hazardous trees and storm damaged trees are also available for the protection of your family and property.

Tree Trimming

Properly trimming your trees increases their life span and lets their natural beauty shine.  Sometimes, pruning limbs or branches is all that is needed instead of removing a tree.
Dead or dying limbs can be a safety hazard and should be removed to protect your loved ones as well as any objects or buildings below.
Tree trimming increases air circulation which can help to prevent disease and insect problems, as well as helping to make it more stable in strong winds. 
Limbs and branches hanging over or close to your home can allow wildlife access to your roof and then potentially gain entry into your home.
Sometimes, you simply want to improve your view or the overall shape of your tree.
We can safely trim your trees whether it's to provide clearance for structures or walkways or to help improve the health and look of your tree.


Stump Removal

tree stump to be removed

Stump grinding can effectively remove an unsightly, in-the-way tree stump.
This can eliminate future hazards such as preventing injury from tripping over it and damage to lawn mowers from accidentally running over it.
Tree stumps can be havens for fungi and insects, which can spread to your trees and infect them, causing potential, future problems.
New growth from the stump and root system can be an eyesore which takes away from the beauty of your yard.
Ask us about completing your tree removal with our stump grinding service or having us grind existing stumps.
Think of the possibilities for the new space in your yard! Future tree planting, a new garden area or outdoor living space, children's playhouse...anything else you can dream of.

Hydro Line Clearing

Trees encroaching on hydro lines can become a dangerous hazard. They can cause power outages and could cause damage to your electrical appliances, TV's and computers.
Our Arborists have been properly trained and are qualified to do tree work around power lines.  We can safely trim any branches or limbs that are growing near your or through your power lines.  Complete tree removal can also be done if necessary or desired.

Keeping privately-owned power lines clear of limbs are the responsibility of the property owner, not your utility company.
If there is a pole on your property supporting overhead lines that lead to your home or building, and those lines aren't shared with other hydro customers, it's considered a privately-owned power line. 
If you have concerns about a tree that's too close to your hydro line, our Arborist can give you a free assessment and estimate.

tree branches growing through hydro lines

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What areas does Black Creek Tree Service work in?

Our Arborists provide tree services in Brant County, Brantford, Port Dover, Norfolk County, Haldimand, Long Point, Turkey Point and surrounding areas.

Are you covered by WSIB and Liability Insurance?

How is Black Creek Tree Service different from its competitors?

We are a locally owned, small business that takes pride in the tree services we provide.  Our customers appreciate that we treat their property with respect while we work for them.
Honesty, safety and reliable service is what we promise and what we deliver.

How much will it cost for my tree service?

Yes, we are.

We have Third Party Liability Insurance and all of our employees are covered by the Workers Insurance Board of Canada.

Simply ask and we will provide you copies of our coverage certificates to provide you peace of mind.

When is the best season for tree pruning?

Will you wear spikes when you climb our tree?

We have an unwavering rule here at Black Creek Tree Service. 
If the tree is NOT being removed, spikes are NOT worn by our arborists.

If the tree IS being removed, then we may wear spikes when climbing.
This is important because every step we take with spikes on, leaves a wound in your tree which can make it susceptible to disease and decay.

Since no two tree jobs are the same, we base our prices on a number of factors.
These include the size of the tree (height and canopy), the difficulty level, the amount of of clean up requested (wood left or taken away, brush chipped or taken away) and the location of the tree (is it leaning towards or above your house for example).
Your free estimate will provide you with all the information you need about your options, so you can make an informed decision.

I want to plant a tree.
Where can I find a list of trees native to my area?

You can discover which trees are native to Ontario by visiting this site by clicking on the link to: Tree Atlas Ontario

I've gotten a wide range of cost for my tree removal. Why is that?

There are several reasons for difference in pricing.
Always make sure you're comparing apples to apples and get it in writing. We will provide you with a detailed, written estimate of the tree service we discuss with you.
Our experience and training are important tools allowing us to complete the job safely and efficiently enabling us to protect your property.
At Black Creek Tree Service, we will gladly provide you with a copy of our valid Liability Insurance Certificate and our WSIB Compliance.

Coniferous (evergreen) trees can be pruned anytime, although the winter dormant season can reduce resin and sap flow from the cut areas.

Late fall/winter and before the buds swell in the spring can be good times to trim deciduous (hardwood) trees. There is a lesser risk of disease and insect infestation during a tree's dormant period.

This time period also provides our arborists a better view of your tree's structure so we can decide on a plan of action that will be most beneficial to your tree's health.

Still have a question about our tree services?  Ask us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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